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Interventions give support to addicts via the people who love them

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Addiction intervention realizes that sometimes the only way to get an addict into rehabilitation treatment programs is to host an intervention. You might be worried about a loved one in your life, or someone who has significantly changed as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. An intervention may be the right place to start to get them to eventually quit their drug or alcohol abuse. As a caring family member, watching on the sidelines as an addict struggles is a truly miserable feeling.

You might be asking, “How can I help my family member get healthy once again?” and “What is my responsibility in getting my loved one some help?” Though you deeply care for your family member or friend, there is a time when you will be tired of saying no and there will come a time when you’re tired of being used by the addict. An intervention will also allow you to confront the individuals who feed off of the addict’s codependent behavior. You can’t be afraid of confronting serious problems, and fear shouldn’t stop you from taking action. There are trained interventionists standing by to help you.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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